Farmer Walks

Two 6 gallon water jugs showed up on my door step today and I'm excited. Now I can do an exercise called farmer walks. This will replace an iffy exercise I do once a week called a "waiter walk" -- where I walk around with a kettlebell pressed overhead, like a waiter.

Based on some hand-wavy napkin calculations, I can load a 6 gallon jug with about 50 pounds of water. If I use a combination of sand and water I should be able to make each jug weigh about 100 pounds. I'm a careful, conservative sort so the first round will be water only.

Greg heard we would be using the hose and was all in.

The hardest part was getting to roughly 50 pounds. I made the mistake of using a digital scale that takes it's time to pick an answer and then expects to re-tare. Each cycle took at least a minute. Nonetheless, I had lots of help and eventually hit an honest 50 pounds.

The extra 0.2 makes it "honest".

At 50 pounds, they are like carrying indiscriminately packed suitcases. It's nothing special.

Until you try to run. That would be special. I didn't do that.

Meanwhile, Greg appreciated the influx of exciting new toys in the back yard.


His game was to ask us to make the scale show different numbers like "6" and "4". Julie and I made a heroic effort to accommodate him, but the constant weighing soon led to scale fatigue and Greg was called to nobler deeds. Like water raking. Water raking is Sisyphean in its nobility.

Also, there was a storm and I have a branch on my patio.


Mickey said…
Two shots of Greg with the hose, and later he still looks dry. How's THAT work???

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