Agreed to Talk

My company is putting on a conference in two weeks and today I agreed to talk. Day 3 is a workshop, fifty-ish people have paid to be there, and I'll be doing an hour of overview. Professionally, it's delightful. In more earthly terms, it means I won't have another normal bowel movement before the second Thursday in September.

Apologies to the office commode.

If you are wondering why I have that photo, let me begin by saying it's 2 months old. It's not like I snapped it off so I could blog about talking to people about computer programs. I snapped it off so I could talk about that chair just outside the window. The chair that's pointed at our bathroom window.

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's freaky, but it's solidly weird. The chair is not abandoned either. It moves around. A few weeks ago it was joined by an end table. Briefly, there were two chairs but now we're back down to a single. There's probably a sad story there.

But no one's life would be better for knowing it.

So, for the next couple weeks, if you offer me a cookie and then I scream "hamsters!!!" and run away. It's probably just normal stuff and I'll be fine.

PS: I will nonetheless also eat the cookie you wonderful cookie-offering person, you.


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