Last Friday

Today was a Friday and I went to work. Boring. Next Friday, I'm going to hang out with Greg instead. Also, the Friday after that and so on. I'm switching to an 80% work schedule (by my request) and I am excited.

Expect a 50% increase in eagle sculpture climbing.

I posted a similar "no more Fridays" declaration back in 2011. That was a temporary situation that lasted 6 months. After I'd had a couple years to be bummed about going back to work full time, I eventually decided to just ask if I could go on that schedule indefinitely. This time it's not temporary. Of course, there's a chance that this will be the beginning of a descent into madness, but I have a good feeling.

Hey, speaking of madness, I did the ice water bucket thing.

Greg immediately wanted me to do it again.

A lot of people think too hard about it. This morning I heard somebody going on about this and that with the ice bucket challenge. The world according to Charlie is as follows:

  • It's a cute and vaguely menacing internet game to play with your friends, and
  • funneling a bunch of money to probably isn't hurting anybody (except science experiment rats, those guys have it rough).
Bonus: Greg was excited all day to see Dad get soaked. Smiles were smiled. Nobody got hurt. Win!

I just wish I could extend the challenge to more people. Not because I care about ALS more than, not-random example, Huntington's disease, but because it's fun when people are wet. Yay for fun!

You know what's also fun? Cupcakes!

It was a big day for cake.


Brenda/Nonnie said…
How wonderful for Greg, you, and Julie! Greg most of all, more time with Dad!!

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