Become a Ninja in 4x1 hour sessions

I have enrolled in Tai Chi. Four 1-hour sessions on Wednesday at 5:30. Now, I do realize that mastery of Tai Chi does not end with me being a ninja, but I am very suspicious that I will be as much ninja as Tai Chi master when I'm done. But hey, I want to learn to melt stuff with my mind and this seems like the way to start. Cooling things would also be cream.

Also on the quasi-academic front, I was recently a victim of discrimination. Here's how it went down:

ACTOR: Charlie Thornton (handsome, successful businessman; excellent hair)
ACTOR: Rufus Stupidface (store clerk; obvious computer geek)
ACTOR: Rufus Stupidface II (store clerk; obvious computer geek; heavier)
Narrator: Voiced by Morgan Freeman

SETTING: The K-State Union Computer Store

Narrator: Life isn't always easy for Charlie Thornton. He recently purchased a new graphics card for his desktop computer at work. Unfortunately, the power supply in his desktop computer was only good for 300 watts and had exactly 4 SATA connectors. Charlie needed at least 380 watts, 4 SATA connectors, and - with his new graphics card - a PCI-E 6-pin connector.

*we see Charlie selecting a box, while the two Rufi giggle in the back corner*

Narrator: Charlie is puzzled. The box he selected describes its output connectors thusly, "Multiple SATA, and a 6-pin PCI-E."

*we see charlie approach the front desk*

*we see charlie wait patiently while the two Rufi work out which one will have to make contact.*

Rufus II: *empty stare*
Charlie: I have a quest-
Rufus II: We don't know.
Narrator: Charlie, familiar with the type, assumes he is dealing with someone fairly knowledgeable, but arrogant. As this comes with the territory, he dismisses Rufus II's first comment as sarcasm and continues.
Charlie: I have a question about the outputs on this power supply.
Rufus II: *Glances as the back at the box and points to a section marked outputs and begins to visibly trying to work out the voltage output section*
Narrator: This section has markings like "2x+12v Rail, 18A" and other hyper-technical wording that very few people understand. Charlie is sympathetic.
Charlie: I'm sorry, I mean the connectors. This says it has "multiple" SATA but I need 2 pairs of 2.
Rufus II: *puffs up and uses his superior voice* We don't know anything about that. We work with Macs. We only keep this around for the tiny sub sect of people who still use them.
Narrator: Yes, he said "sect." And by "this stuff" he was referring to items that could be used in non-Apple computers.
Rufus II: *stares defiantly*


Well, I looked down at the box. I knew I had three options: (1) Ask if we could open the box, (2) buy it, open it in front of him, then return it if it didn't have 4xSATA, or (3) leave the store. I get cranky. I smiled and said, "fair enough." Then I put back the box and left the store. Which is kinda sad, they usually have good stuff. I ordered the Power Supply online.

Anyway, when did PC users become a tiny sub se- When did PC users become a minority? Even if he was right (narrator: he's not), when did it become OK to act like that? *grump*

EDIT: After reading this back, I figure I probably bruised his ego when he couldn't decipher the "outputs" section. *sigh* Rufus has a Mom too I suppose.


juliet said…
Yay, I can comment now!

It's too bad that the computer store didn't want to sell you anything.

I actually had a student tell me he worked in the computer store today, but I had to refrain from commenting :p.
julie said…
I am told to comment again! For science! I will try to spell my name correctly this time, too.
milhous said…
I would say that many mac users "want" macs to be the dominating platform. Some of them like to live in their own fairy tail land, where Steve Jobs is the King.

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