Cat Standing in Sink

This is a picture of Sophie. She's standing in a sink. I'm not sure why she chose a sink, but she's adventurous like that.

Lots of fancy stuff happened today. My dried goji berries arrived today. Along with my dried cherries and dried blueberries. I've got complicated plans for pairings with oatmeal, salads, and yogurt. If you see an internet site claiming goji berries taste like something between a cranberry and a raspberry, they didn't get them from the same place as me. Mine taste like dates. Very much like dates actually. The still look like goji berries though. I'm hoping they make me invincible, or heal really fast, or fly, or something cool.

I'm going to run some stairs tomorrow with some work people. It could be an adventure. I seem to recall stair running being pretty shocking to the system. I just hope I don't yak on the artificial turf.

Other stuff happened too, but I don't think I could make it sound interesting. Julie and I did get invited to a labor day party. That should be lots of fun. I think I committed to making one of cheesecake, ice cream, or spinach salad.


julie said…
Hi, Charlie! I like that picture of Sophie :).


(mole smiley)

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