The Mighty Sea Lion

Here's a picture of the sea lion cave in Oregon.

If you look carefully, you can see a horde of sea lions in the foreground.

I'm a little sore today from the stair running thing yesterday. It's awesome. Julie and I are going to sneak over Sunday and run some more. I've been refining the workout - we'll see how it goes.

After Obama's speech last night, I figured this election was pretty much in the bag. But then, ZING, ol' Johnny Mac plays an ace and keeps himself in the game. And by "ace" I'm referring to Alaskan mega-hottie / governor Sarah Palin.

Now, you might say, "Wait. Sure, she's ok, but 'mega-hottie?'" And, sure. But hey, we're talking about it, aren't we?

Here's the thing. We've all seen Dave. We've all been watching for the last 8 years. We know this place runs itself. (Has G.W. really spent 31% of his time in office on vacation? This site reports 450 days at camp David and 466 at his ranch.)

With the current situation in mind, I actually think she'd make a fine VP. And if something happened to McCain, I think it'd be a little dicey, but we'd probably fare better than we have been. She seems like good people. Except...

She's anti-polar bear. To avoid biasing the issue, I looked for the least cute, most sinister polar bear picture I could find on the internet. Here it is.

Among bears, the polar bear is second in adorable cuteness only to the giant panda. And Sarah thinks they've got to go. Well, I can compromise on a lot of things when I vote, but I don't bend on: elephants, manatees, otters, tigers, pandas, humpback whales, or polar bears. This will probably be the issue that decides me. Bummer.


julie said…
Aww...those polar bears are so adorable! :)

I'm nervous about the stairs tomorrow. I'm kind of tired today after my long run. Maybe I can convince you to not go quite as fast :p.

(I'm not sure what the . after the :p does...I'll let you ponder it.)
4 Is More said…
Okay, I am at work now and haven't read yet - but I am so glad that you are blogging again. Hip, hip, hurray.

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