Fire and Water

Here's a picture of my pizza cooker when the ice storm knocked out our power over the winter.

The logs are from downed limbs. The ones on the warming rack are being dried out a bit before I put them on the fire. The pizza itself wasn't so successful - the bottom got burned. Blackened. Carbonized is probably the right term. But I got to shake my fist at the ice storm and that's all I wanted.

If you're wondering, "Were you out of charcoal?" No, I had plenty of charcoal. *icy stare*

I watched the DNC Obama Speech (and accompanying video) tonight. Good stuff. A bit long, I think both the speech and the video could have been about 30% shorter. I did like that he made some strong direct statements, but he did drift over the line into what I think of as bitter democrat cheap shot territory. Here's a more overt example:

Howard Dean was a guest on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night. There was about a 3 second satellite delay. At one point Dean cracked that the delay was like the delay in John McCain's head. That sort of "joke" is pathetic, sad, and only worthy of a supportive smirk when you're surrounded by like-minded friends. It also totally undermines the gravitas of the speaker - something best avoided if you're looking to create more like-minded friends.

I suppose I think Phil Gramm's "nation of whiners" comment was too easy a target. I mean, McCain had him off his staff in a week, he obviously doesn't support the comment. And I think that claiming McCain loves America, but simply doesn't know what's going on was a bit cheap. It would be so much more compelling to admit that your opponent wants to help, but whose lauded experience shows a history of failing to do exactly that. Those cheap shots just give McCain (and all of his success in town hall meetings) ammunition to throw back and they really don't gain anything.

I'm sure we'll hear more of the same next week.


I ran stairs today. Poorly. I ran up the old stadium steps 5 times, walked a lap, and ran up 4 more times. A 5th time and I think I would have learned how fast I digest my lunch. I was joined by Dan Swenson (I think he's in his 50s). He ran just as much as me and by the end we were going the same speed. I think you'll find that I'm humble about my fitness level. He's walked up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Twice.

At the time we run (just after 5:00) we have the honor of witnessing the final moments of the KSU Marching Band practice.

The awesome thing about this picture is that it's in the old stadium (where we ran stairs). We were out of frame, to the right. We'll be at it again next Thursday.


julie said…
Stairs are hard. Especially when you go up the big stairs...I may just do the little ones.

Why didn't we use charcoal for the pizza?

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