More Christmas

Here's a picture of Julie and I opening Kung Fu Panda.

Kung Fu Panda is awesome, we saw it three times at the theater.

We spent our day doing hit-and-run shopping around Wichita. No real stories I suppose. The real story (barely) came before the shopping began. We found ourselves at McDonalds in search of a hot chocolate and a coffee...

So, I ordered a small hot chocolate and a medium coffee. We get around to the retrieval window and I get handed a small hot chocolate and a small coffee.

charlie: Whoops, I ordered a medium
$%&@!%: *hesitates* It's a small...makes motions to take the small back (presumably to switch to a medium).
charlie: Do you have us down for a small or a medium? (I mean, if I payed for a small, no biggie, I'll take the small)
$%&@!%: *looks to the side* You ordered a small.
charlie: Oh, that's fine then. *accepts the small coffee*
charlie: *pulls away*
julie: yeah, we payed for a medium
charlie: WHAT! Why that lying-
julie: don't worry about it
charlie: *grumbles* slash tires...burn down...

So anyway, she told me just what she needed to say to get me to go away. It's now my duty as a consumer to dedicate huge time and energy to destroying McDonald's on the it begins! Breakfast doesn't count though - their breakfast is tasty.


4 Is More said…
I think it is cool that McD's now serves hot chocolate. Not that I have *tried* it or anything...but I like the idea.

Unfortunately, more times than not, McD's gets my order wrong. We always order Apple Dippers and White Milk for Annika. I would say that 9/10 times they first give us either chocolate milk, fries, or both.

Have fun in Chanute.
julie said…
Their new hot chocolate is really good, too -- you should try it.

The McDonald's in Manhattan seems to be a little better about accuracy, though. :p

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