Day at the Mall?

Today was my first ever experience with IKEA.

The selection and prices were like wal-mart, but the environment was more like a target or something. They even had a kid prison where you could drop off your kid and they could climb things while you shopped. There were lots of little 400 sq ft model homes furnished with all their stuff throughout the store. And, of course, a cafeteria that served Swedish meatballs.

After a bit more shopping around, we returned to the house. Then the mobile division headed out to go find lunch. We got Jamaican food! This dude named Mark operated a restaurant. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon, and he brought us samples and helped us plan our upcoming trip to Jamaica. We now have to go to the waterfall - we promised Mark.

After that, we hung out with snacks and wound up the day. Everybody went to bed early because we have to wake up early for church Sunday morning.

Gator Watch:

No obvious gator sightings on my run this morning, though I did have two suspicious "upstream floating log" sightings.

EDIT: Gator verified. On her return trip, Julie spotted out floating log again, but this time it was floating a bit higher and had...eyes.


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