Hot Springs

This morning, I'm blogging with one eye on the clock. We flew down here on Southwest airlines and I need to be quick to nab the A seating. For anyone unfamiliar with the seating policy: Nobody gets an assigned seat, but based on when you check in (up to 24 hours in advance) you get the A, B, or C boarding group. On crowded flights, people in the earlier boarding groups get to sit together and put their luggage up top while those unfortunates in C group get to sit next to the smelly guy (or me, I suppose) and put their luggage under the seat in front. (sidebar: On the way down, one of the crew members tried to seat an old lady next to me, but the old lady refused and went further back into the plane - ouch.) Anyway, here's my rig:

Now, what's cool about that image is how I made it. MS Paint is terrible at scaling images and makes large file sizes, so for this sort of thing I usually use a program called the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Toolkit). However, the GIMP didn't happen to be installed on this particular computer so I was all like, "Aww man, I don't want to have to install something! I'd have to watch the bar and click stuff..." Anyway, I figured I'd try one of these online image editors. It worked great! Here's a screenshot:

These online thingys have come a long way. I just used it to scale an image, but not too long ago, even that would be pretty awkward. I used pixlr. I still couldn't paste from my system clipboard, but it's probably a good thing that Wilbur web site can't just sift through my clipboard data.

Anyway, yesterday we went to the hot springs (near Apopka)! The neat part was that I'd been there before. My uncle...grand uncle? great uncle? My Dad's uncle lives there. Those of you in the bread industry might recognize the name Kennith Peck, but I always just called him Uncle Bud. He took us to the springs once on a visit, so I'd been there before - that was fun.

On the approach - here we have a sign that prohibits certain flavors of drinks:

On the approach - here we have a sign that prohibits certain kinds of parking:

Nearly there - here we have a sign that prohibits certain genetic configurations:

And we're there:

Here's one for the grandparents:

Here's a picture of me, unusually wet:

Julie decided to remain the designated dry person and camera operator for this round, which was really handy. She got to carry a lot of stuff.

The water was really clear. In terms of warm, it was about like a public pool (a bit cold at first). I'm told it's that temperature year round though, which I imagine is nice in the winter. Evidently, the water gutters out from a cave over to one side.

After the springs, we went back to the house and watched Kung Fu Panda (easily the most awesome animated, Panda-based Kung Fu flick ever made). Julie and I bought it (as a gift!) for Amy and Will yesterday so they'd have to show it to us. Luckily, Annika was a big fan.

On the way home we saw a parked blimp:

EDIT: I got "A" group. Position 20,21. Win.


4 Is More said…
I didn't know you had been there before - how cool! Was it just as cold then?
I don't know, I was small. Bigger than Annika though.
Pam Deters said…
As I remember it was a very hot day when we went to the springs so the temperature was perfect.

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