Julie Birthday

Julie's birthday was yesterday! Birthdays are fun (you see, there's cake and presents).

This year, our anniversary (the 7th one!) also happened to fall on the same day. That was nice too. We tend to just declare the week a big holiday and try to do lots of fun stuff.

In terms of house guests, Kiwi the dog is back with his parents. Sophie the cat warmed up to him a little, but that doesn't mean she (the cat) ever stopped growling. I think kiwi had a good stay - though, he still seemed to be sad the cat didn't like him.

We have a new house guest this week. Lindsey the cousin is laying low here for a few days while the whole dorm/job/summer stuff mix gets re-synchronized.


4 Is More said…
Oh man, I completely forgot about your anniversary! I think I just forget anniversaries, period. Today is my parents' and I didn't remember it until now!

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