House Guest

We have a house guest this weekend. Kiwi the dog is over while his parents are ... somewhere in Nebraska? Okay, I'll be honest I heard Kiwi was coming over and I said, "cool!" and never asked about the details. I think they're coming back for him early next week, or something. I think Daisy likes the company, but not so much the sharing.

Sophie the cat is not a fan of the arrangement. She's been growling a lot for the last 24 hours. In the beginning, she hid behind the furnace and growled. Right now, she's sitting in the middle of the living room, staring at Kiwi, and growling. Kiwi is on Julie's lap, whimpering. Poor guy. This morning Sophie threw a marker at him. It's kinda sad because Kiwi seems really bothered that Sophie doesn't like him.

It's cute though because the dogs run around everywhere together. They never like to get very far apart. Kiwi has an edge on Daisy in terms of being a lap dog though. He'll just jump up and flop on your lap. Daisy likes the company, but she tends to want a bit more distance.

In other news, Lindsey the cousin finally convinced me to go watch a KSU v KU baseball game. This was the first time I'd actually watched other people play - aside from times when I was waiting for people to finish up and get off the field so I could play.

(Image note: I learned that your upper thumb should be aligned with the bat - it avoids a weird twist in the second half of the swing. I guess they don't teach that at KU.)

KSU carried the day, 4-1. It was really fun to go watch - a definite repeat. It was waaaay more relaxed than a football game, I actually knew what was going on (compare to volleyball or track), and I felt like I could go buy a hot dog and it would only take a couple minutes (compare to 40 min). I also saw a lot of people I knew it the crowd, including what appeared to be most of my softball team. Good times.

I was able to convince myself that I could have batted against the KU pitchers (back in the day, that is). I don't think I'd have been able to do anything against our guy though.

Closer: I took a lot of heat for not including a couple of the pictures Julie took of me while we were off riding bikes. Here we have me zipping along the South section of linear trail in my (I now realize) super baggy pants.


julie said…
The dog pictures are very cute! I just noticed that Sophie is menacing Kiwi in her picture.
4 Is More said…
I hope that Sophie relaxes soon so that poor Kiwi can be happy....yeah, right!
Sophie relaxed a bit. She even had a bit of a sniff with Kiwi Sunday morning. That didn't put a stop to the hissing, but I think it was good progress :)

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