Ride Your Bike to Work Day (recognized)

I'm told that this week is ride your bike to work week, and this Friday is ride your bike to work day. I'm not sure if that's true, but I was still able to convince Julie to ride to work with me today (Thursday). Friday would have been too tricky with feeding everybody and going to everything. Anyhow, I took my new tiny camera (with motion correction!) with me and I have lots of pictures!

[Julie points out an interesting feature of our cul-de-sac as we depart.]

[The initial ride down Anderson is nice since it's down, but the lanes are pretty narrow and the traffic is fast so we stuck to the sidewalk.]

[Julie approaches a menacing barricade!]

[Having successfully defeated the barricade, Julie begins the 3-ish mile cruise down linear trail.]

[My bicycle computer indicates that we were hurtling ahead at terrifying 8.8 mph! This turned out to be a bit faster than our typical speed.]

[Over my left shoulder, sheet metal can still be seen suspended in the trees near linear trail. I though on Earth day it would be cool to come in and clean up all the wreckage that's still around after the tornado, but ... well, thinking about it is one thing...]

[Julie idles while I catch up after my sheet metal picture.]

[...then, in a blaze of furious speed, I struggle valiantly to pass our tiny running titan!]

[And I succeed! Notice how I flash my sinister teeth in warning as I pass.]

[Short-lived was my lead. Having traveled this route before, I knew about the hidden dangers of the low water bridge. A care-free Julie zings ahead into certain doom!]

[And there was mud. Proud thick mud too. Familiar with the route, I stayed back and coached Julie though the secret goat trail (at right).]

[Julie, unimpressed by the trail-building abilities of our local goats, traverses the final ledge to make it onto the low water bridge.]

[Success! I like pictures of Julie right after she's defeated something :) ]

[Back to zooming. We're past the halfway point on linear trail, about to pass under Ft. Riley Blvd.]

[The journey takes an ominous turn...]

[Now we're entering the final leg of linear trail. I think my sister had something to do with that sign with the yellow circle. Evidently, it represents the sun, then they have markers for all the different planets as you go down the trail - distances properly scaled of course.]

[This leg of linear trail is on the South side of town, adjoined by farms. It's very pretty.]

[Time to get back out there with cars, trains, motorcycles, and the greatest road menace of them all: scooters.]

[We've made it to the park!]

[On approach to Aggieville, Julie readies her cattle prod and goes pedestrian hunting. It's tough to catch 'em on the street, but you can usually nail a few if you stick to the sidewalks.]

[Victory! Julie parks in Aggieville so we can share the chain at lunch.]

[Bonus ride-home picture: Julie on a bridge.]

The ride was good times. And most importantly, my camera rocks! It's small enough to fit in my shirt pocket and it takes nice pictures - even when I'm riding my bike on a dirt trail.


4 Is More said…
Great pictures! Now I have Linear Trail Nostalgia.

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