Magic Castles

Friday was Disney Magic Kingdom day! This morning I'm just gonna do a quick post because we're getting ready to go see some manatees. Also, we're headed near Kennedy, so if we get lucky we may see a spaceship land.

Here's a picture of the group chasing down a magic castle.

It rained while we were at the park. Big rain. At one point I had to retrieve my hat. During a particularly strong part we fought through and took shelter in the It's a Small World ride. Everybody there was hoping for long slow lines so we could hide inside. Once you were through they were having to hustle everyone out the door and into the storm.

We also discovered it was cute to give Annika an umbrella. Here's a typical picture.

That evening Will and I took in a late night second run showing of The Watchmen. Good time.

Ooh, and this morning I went for a 30 min run and saw another gator. There was also a big snake (dead) curled up on the side of the sidewalk. It made me jump.

Now I need to go find some lettuce...


4 Is More said…
Rain, rain, go away!

But at least it brings out the Gator Action....

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